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Our mission is as always a simple one; that is to be the spark that helps small to medium-sized businesses and start-ups tell their story, engage with their customers, build their brand and grow their business by igniting an unstoppable raging fire that will light up your customers imagination, give them a greater understanding for what you are all about, and in doing so inspire them to buy more from you and tell others all about you. ...Why? Simple, because when you succeed as a result of what we do, so do we.

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who we are and what we are about

Our story

We came about from listening to our customers who wanted the same highly creative marketing, design and websites solutions that the ‘big boys’ with bigger budgets get, but that are simpler to understand, to manage, edit and add to in the case of websites without‘ having to learn code. So we simplify everything, cut out the buzzwords, and use systems that are effective, future-proofed, and get you results with only a short learning curve so that you can quickly get on with the business of growing your business, but with the reassurance of knowing that we are here to help you when you want help.

It only takes one bright spark to ignite your brand

Easy to add and edit website content

We think big, but with our feet most definitely planted firmly on the ground, which means that we’ll ensure that you get where you want to go in a simple, measured and manageable way, but without the need for; a budget that only space programmes dream of having, or a degree in marketing in order to understand how we’ll make this happen for you, just straight-talking and effective business-centric creativity.

David Nute - Founder and Creative Director

David Nute – Founder & Creative Spark

The Team

About us

We’ve gone from working with big brands and big agencies to working with little businesses who want to be big brands but find it hard to compete with the big boys.

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David Nute

Managing Creative Director
& Creative Spark

As a West-countryman I moved down to Barnstaple in North Devon, looking for a simpler life for me and my family in the beautiful Devon countryside and golden sun-soaked beaches, away from the hustle and bustle city living, where for over 30 years I worked as a creative, Art Director and Creative Director for some big names in advertising, including Saatchi Group, McCann Erickson, Barkers and Ogilvy & Mather to name but a few, on numerous big name household brands.

I have been Creative Director of 6 agencies and worked across every media including, TV, radio, press, outdoor, direct marketing, design, branding, sales promotion, recruitment, web & integrated digital campaigns, and PR.

But what really gives me a buzz is creating BIG ideas for passionate BIG thinking small businesses, …and watching them grow!

Lorraine Nute

Client Services Director
& Bright Spark

I’ve been a local girl half of my life having left smokey London in the ’80s, moving to the peaceful Devon rolling countryside where I met David 30 years ago and our adventure together began.

But the last 30 years have been spent in retail sales management, in which customer service has always been my mantra and at the heart of everything I do. Having spent the best (‘ish lol) part of my life with David living and breathing brands I have picked up one or two things about that too and being the customers’ ‘go-to girl’ allows David and team to get on with being creative while I manage your day to day issues and communicate those back to the team.

So like David, I’m a straight talker who thrives on making the right decisions for our customers, and this is what makes our customers trust us and keep coming back time and time again. 

DesignSoSimple spark logo

So what's your story?

We want to hear about you and your journey. So let’s talk and see how we can help you find your spark.

It only takes one bright spark to ignite your brand.